Six Reasons to Systemize Your Business


Jim Bentley

Six Reasons To Systemize Your Business

Businesses that have great systems tend to excel while those who lack systems struggle. Here are six reasons to systemize your business.

Progress –   You can measure your progress. Sure, money coming in is one measure. But what if you could also figure out how to measure how other operations? How are things coming with that next big ad campaign, or the development on a new ancillary product that will enhance your main product? With proper systems you can do a quick check on operations any time you like and get real-time data on what is going on.

Efficiency –  Little things get done on time. Without some basic plan for each day, the little things that keep operations going can build up and eventually create a bottleneck. For example, are the postings on the Accounts Receivable and Payables being done on a regular schedule? If not, you could find yourself with a lot of work to do when it comes time to cut paychecks to employees or calculate your taxes for the current period. An organized system helps to ensure you don’t run in to situations where your back is to the wall and you drop other tasks to play catch-up.

Saves Time and Money – Systems ensure quality and consistency in product and service delivery. When you lack these traits, you spend valuable time and dollars rectifying issues. If you are systematic in your operations, you will reduce call backs, returns and lost customers. This frees you up to develop new products and services or market to new customers.

Growth –   When your business is systematic in its operations and functions, you can spend time in networking activities that help grow your business. You’ll be able to devote an afternoon submitting online ads, sending promotional emails, or even promoting your business locally at Chamber of Commerce events. Best of all, you can spend your time on these endeavors knowing the company is moving right along without your direct attention for a few hours.

Planning – Systems can reduce planning time and create more effective processes. When you systemize operations adding additional projects, departments or employees is simplified. You have an established framework and process to use as an example.

Personal Time –  You can take time off. Wasn’t getting control of your time one reason you wanted to set up a business? If you systematically organize your business, you can take time off for your son’s Little League game, or your daughter’s dance recital. There is also the chance you can even take several days off to take a short vacation if you like. Best of all, you can do this getting no permission or approval from anyone else, and your business will continue to move forward in your absence.