Strategic Planning

What it is

The One Page Business Planning and Performance System is not just a business plan. It is a cloud based planning and management system. It includes fill in the blank templates, hundreds of examples, exercises, scorecards for tracking objectives and action plans to monitor your progress on projects.

What it does

The planning process gives you a crystal clear understanding of what you are building, how to build it and what to track. One of the most powerful things about the system is it allows a business owner or manager to spend an hour or less per week and have a full understanding of what is working and not working.

Why it is effective

It is written with short sentences and thoughts. No heavy verbage - only meaningful words. The fill in the blank templates and examples make the process simple. It is not easy though. It forces you to dig down to the roots of your business with key questions and exercises. This is how you get hyper focused!

How it works

You are assigned log-in details for your personal plan. A licensed One Page consultant will work with you to help write your plan. The first draft is normally done in 2 hours or less. We work with you to refine the draft (normally two revisions) until you have a solid plan. Usually in 3 two hour sessions.

Key features

Cloud based, easy to use, fill in the blank templates, built in exercises, built in examples, Scorecards, Action Plans

Who uses it

While this system is ideal for startups, small businesses and non-profits it is so effective many Fortune 500 companies use it - Including divisions of Ford, Disney, Allstate, Hyatt, FedEx, Oracle and many others. But don't let that fool you - it takes the complexity out of planning and is the perfect tool for small businesses.