About the Bentley Groups Principle

The Bentley Group exists to serve others. Not just inside the business office but outside the doors, in the community. We believe small businesses across the country can ease many of the issues we face as a society. Whether supporting the local children, homeless or women’s shelters, backing local programs or pitching in during a crisis, small business owners make our country strong. Not just economically! But that cannot happen if owners are struggling to turn a profit or buried in so much work they don’t even have time for their own families. So our passion is serving you and together serving our communities. We do this by helping you focus on the important issues, putting a plan in place and systems to streamline operations and we walk with you as you overcome challenges, taking your business further than it has ever been.


Over the last few decades I have started several businesses and have helped many others start for profit and non-profit ventures. The one common truth I have seen through these years is that business ownership is difficult. Despite the passion, talents and skill sets these people bring to their businesses they still struggle. The magnitude of the venture spreads them to thin. Deciding what to focus on daily, or even hourly becomes a challenge. Problem after problem keeps them from the important task and over time the joy and excitement turns into a daily grind. The very thing they were trying to escape. I determined to find ways to make business simpler. While I cannot make it easier, I have accumulated the tools, skills and knowledge to simplify business ownership.


By making business operations simpler I can help restore the joy of ownership. You will still need to work hard but you will know what to work on when to work on it and how to work on it. Your time will be easier to schedule and you will have the resources to pour into your family, employees and community. That is our wish. To make sure at the end of every day you have confidence in your direction and feel in control of your business and personal life.


My wife and I raised nearly 50 kids between our birth, adopted and foster children. We started when we were both in our mid to late twenties. It was the first time I ever focused outside my family and personal needs. Through these and later years I learned when my focus is on me things never turn out well. When I focus on other people my life is more exciting and joy filled. Every day when I get up I have a choice; I can help someone else have a better day, by listening, smiling, offering a kind word or offering assistance. I do this through my business as much as I can. Your life as a business owner is not easy but because of your choices you have a unique opportunity to help people in your circle of influence. This is only true if you have the resources including time and this is why I am passionate about helping business owners simplify their operations.